Need help figuring out your ideal daily routine? Want to commit a large chunk of time all at once to your health, wellness, and happiness? This is the day for you! With this program, you will have one of our coaches' personalized attention, for the entire day! This program will be individualized to your needs so that together we can address anything you need help with, want to establish or learn. This day might include (but is not limited to) cooking lessons, shopping & pantry makeovers, deep dive (extended) coaching session(s), home minimization/cleanup with the Kon Mari method, supplement discussions, and much more! It is all up to you! What have you always wanted to learn? What do you need the most right now? Our coach will be yours for the day, and we cannot wait to help you!


Contact us via email to set up your VIP Day today!


Note: due to the high demand of this program and the busy schedules of our staff, please look to give at least two weeks notice to set up your session. Requested dates are not guaranteed and must be confirmed with our admin director AND the coach you will work with.