Functional Medicine

Our clients become the CREATORS of their own health and wellness story; their seeker of truth from those they work with on health and wellness, their seeker of truth of themselves as they make supportive choices and their own “partner-coach”. We, as practitioners, work to ensure all humans become "the empowered" rather than "the doer" of someone else's way so you can balance your “health equation” to create vibrant health. 

Traditional medicine excels at acute care. Truly they do! If one of us needs acute care (think auto accident, stroke, head trauma or fall), by all means, bring us to the nearest ER or call an ambulance! We have 100% confidence and respect for this type of care. The skills, medications, and tools for acute care are exceptional.

But a diagnosis of Autoimmune dis-ease (Hashimotos’ Thyroidosis, Ulcerative Colitis, MS), IBD or IBS, SIBO, Migraines, sleep problems... well, that is another story. Traditional medicine practitioners just don't have enough time to ask the questions, discover interconnectedness in your unique body or offer you a tailored personal approach and keep you on track. The providers are overbooked and required to see patients for an average of 7-10 minutes. Our sessions last 50 -90 minutes.

Diving deeper takes time and sadly, insurance does not reimburse for this. We believe this is why traditional medicine 'fails' people for prevention and chronic health and why we are able to get exceptional results when you partner with us and take charge of your health. We support you to get well and STAY well.

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Disclaimer: We are not doctors or dietitians. We do not diagnose, treat, cure or heal. Any testimonials are simply examples. Our goals are to educate and empower clients to make informed decisions that best suit their needs and individual situation.


A healthy lifestyle is essential to achieving optimal well-being and longevity.