Our Corporate Wellness services are designed to arrest, reverse and prevent employee health issues to reduce lost time and sub-par performance. We encourage change through functional medicine education, on-site activities and individual/group consulting with science-based solutions that foster a thriving culture of sustainable well-being, high productivity, rewarding relationships and work-life culture. We design custom wellness programs, including Functional Medicine consulting, Health Coaching, massage, meditation and Wellness/Mindfulness Workshops which integrate into what you currently have in place, or we can build your program from the ground up.


Common health struggles like Autoimmune disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Depression and Insomnia are imbalances that cost employers money in sick time, poor performance, increased health insurance costs, disorganization and stress. We work in a functional medicine model (meaning root cause) looking at body, mind and nutrition that results in high participant engagement and success. We elicit changes from your employees by meeting each person where they are and engaging them around personal goals. Our modalities will change the culture of your company into one with predominantly fit, productive, higher performing and organized employees who are less stressed.