Wake Up, World

Wake Up, World!


Recently I have come across too many people who clearly need help taking control of their health and their happiness. Sadly, this list includes some close family members who have been tossing their problems to the wayside for way too long. It is difficult for me - as a wellness provider - to see those that I love and care about neglecting their own well-being, and for what?


For many: for fear of facing reality. For others: because it takes time and money.


Face it: you are not going to lose that weight by eating the same junk and holding that couch down while catching up on Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders. You are not miraculously going to have the body you want because one day you went to the gym, went hard, and were too sore to go back until next week (if at all). You are not going to suddenly be happy with work if you are not happy with the work you do. You cannot expect something to come of nothing. We are creatures of habit. If you want to change, choose to start making the change.


This is easier said than done, but know that you are not alone in this endeavor. Billions of others out there are struggling to craft new habits just like you. Thankfully, there are vast support networks of people who are willing to help you along the way. Health Coaches are part of this network, and are helping people to change their lives forever in just a few short months.


Let’s dispel the “I do not want help because it will cost me money” argument right now.


“It costs too much to be healthy as it is! How can I afford to pay someone to help me in addition to that?” Well, for starters, how often do you eat out? $30/person for a marginally less-healthy dinner dish plus $15 on drinks? How about your morning routines on the go? $4 diabetes drink plus $5 sandwich thing from Starbucks how many times a week? How about desserts? Do you indulge? How often? How much? Is it carton-of-ice-cream-o’clock on a Tuesday yet?


Yeah, let’s cut that crap out and see how much you save. Now think about putting just part of that money towards a coach who will help you:


  • Learn proper meal preparation to maximize your health and minimize cost.

  • Balance your innate ability to digest well and detox efficiently

  • Introduce you to simple meal substitution options for the busy-body on the go.

  • Help you identify which foods help you feel the best, increasing those, and naturally crowding out foods that do not agree with you.

  • Guide you in experimenting with various dietary theories to find what is right for you and your unique body.

  • Help do a “Pantry cleanup” and take you on a “Learn-to-Shop” trip to help you stock up on the best food options for you.

  • ...and so much more!


“I do not need to pay for help! I can help myself!” How is that working out for you? If you could truly help yourself, by yourself, you would not be upset with where you are at in your life; you would not be seeking change. So why not invest a bit (financially speaking, here) in your health and happiness? You invest your money in stocks, so why not your health? It will be difficult to enjoy that saved money if you are too ill/disabled/sickly/dead to appreciate it. It is called “investing” for a reason: it takes time and money.


Everyone needs help, and that is ok! Sports teams have coaches to guide them towards their goals. World leaders have cabinets to advise them on decision making. People have family to love them unconditionally when they most need it. There is always help. You must choose to accept it, and you must be willing to utilize it; to actualize your potential. You must reach out to us, and commit to helping yourself.


Stop lying to yourself that everything is ok. Stop expecting something new to magically manifest from your same old habits. Stop Googling quick fixes for major issues and hope that they go away. Stop living your life without purpose; without joy; without health and happiness. Look inward and find the courage to effect lasting positive change for your long term health and wellness.

Stop putting it off. Get the help you need! At the risk of a lawsuit:  “You can do it; we can help.”

Note about the author:


Collin Bartoldus is the Administrative Director of and a Health coach at 5 By 5 Health, LLC. Collin works one-on-one with self-motivated, high-achieving clients to optimize their nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. With a focus on stress-management, habit changes, and self-care, Collin helps athletes gain “the edge” they need to compete.



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