Muscle Rebuilding & Recovery 

Here are three things people can do to build & rebuild muscle, and recover efficiently:

  1. Ensure that you are giving your body the resources it needs to build muscle and recover efficiently. When we work out, we are essentially ripping our muscles apart and building them back stronger. Helping our body to maximize its efficiency in this process - by optimizing the pro-inflammatory & anti-inflammatory responses, as well as in protein synthesis, etc - is key. Many people think that means just having a whey…

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Wake Up, World 

Wake Up, World!


Recently I have come across too many people who clearly need help taking control of their health and their happiness. Sadly, this list includes some close family members who have been tossing their problems to the wayside for way too long. It is difficult for me - as a wellness provider - to see those that I love and care about neglecting their own well-being, and for what?


For many: for fear of facing reality. For others: because it takes time and money.


Face it: you are not going…

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